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This soap is SO beautiful - it is made with 100% olive oil which is known as Castile Soap.  It is extremely moisturizing, soothing and has added colloidal oats for even more skin nurturing.   Castile soap doesn't make the big fluffy bubbles like my standard recipe does.  It's a very dense and creamy lather.  Castile soap takes about 6 months and this batch is scented with Lavender, Apples & Oak which is a gorgeous blend of lavender and fresh apple with woodsy notes. It's very much a spa type fragrance.  You can see from the video and then the cure pics that the fragrance oil turned the soap a really pretty mauve color - it was very white when poured, became more purplish after 3 months and now is almost fully mauve.  It's gorgeous.  

Castile Soap - 100% olive oil - handmade

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